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Unconventional Trees & Self-Expression: Black Christmas Trees & Other New Trends

From artificial trees to real trees, growing up, my parents were nonpartisan in our tree selection. My favorite tree was a glistening pre-lit white tree that looked glamorous even without ornaments. Unfortunately, it did not fare well with our unofficial tradition of having our tree out on display year-round. This year, I was to acquire a tree of my own and headed to the store with resolute intent to recreate my illusive white wonderland. 

At the store however, my eyes spotted a black Christmas tree and my heart squealed with excitement. The retail gods were cunning. A black Christmas tree offered a high-contrast canvass that tree-pled the decorating possibilities. I must have stood in the tree aisle for over an hour, carefully deliberating which tree would best suit the living room.

A Case for Black Christmas Trees

The allure of a black Christmas tree made instant sense. With a dark canvass as a background, black Christmas trees allow ornaments to POP and there’s no limit to the color combinations that can complement a black Christmas tree. They are also compatible with a myriad of interior styles. Black is traditionally associated with sleek elegance and it’s little wonder why Treetopia offers a “Tuxedo Black Christmas Tree”. A black-tie tree dressed to the nines will certainly elevate your holiday experience and probably also silently judge you for wearing loungewear all day. A recent article from House Beautiful highlights that black Christmas trees are more than just a passing style trend. The tree option was reportedly the 2nd most popular option on Treetopia in 2018 in the states of Arizona, Delaware, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Sparse Trees

But Black Trees are not the only new style choice that has been making non-deciduous waves. House Beautiful also touts sparse Christmas trees as a rising trend that speaks to the subdued, more modest Christmas celebrations that will be occurring this year. These delicate spruce trees are a great space-saving option that look stunning with minimal decorations. 

White Ethereal Trees 

Back at the tree aisle, I finally settled on the color white. In the same vein as black Christmas trees, white Christmas trees offer a blank canvass that is compatible with versatile themes. And though all-white artificial Christmas trees don’t necessarily mimic snow flocked trees, they allow decorations to SHINE in full resplendency. This ethereal tree seemed to have sparked the same emotion of magic for my cats as my favorite childhood tree did for me. They drifted off to sleep under the twinkle of the tree lights in their buffalo plaid pet bed from HomePop. 


Its life expectancy, however, might be shortened not due to the unofficial family tradition of neglect, but a much more common enemy: household cats. The scene of the crime could not be more emblematic of 2020. 

Non-Traditional Trees 

More than just a tree, the almighty evergreen is no longer a sufficient statement piece for some individuals. Much like fashion, Trees have become an extended accessory that helps express one's individualism. From chandelier trees to Charley Brown Trees, social media has only diversified the selection of Christmas trees. Here are some inspiring and quirky interpretations that might have you dreaming of a non-traditional Christmas next year. 

This anti-evergreen definitively captures this year's mood.


Have you encountered a non-traditional Christmas tree in a friend’s home, at a retail store, in your own home? Leave a comment below! We’d love to hear what you think about new unconventional tree trends. 

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