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Unique Zoom Backgrounds That Will Make Your Virtual Home Pop!

At HomePop, we believe your living space should express your own interior DNA of style. But why stop there when you can quickly remodel your virtual Zoom background! HomePop has created some fun backgrounds to help facilitate your creative expression in your virtual work environment.

HomePop Graphic Designer Ricky Xie embraced illustration, his favorite medium, and created quirky backgrounds that will let you stand out from your coworkers on your next Zoom meeting. To indulge in Ricky Xie's philosophical take on art, click here. It will inspire you to reconnect with your identity as an artist! 

Ready to Zoom into your next meeting with a new peppy background? 

Download HomePop’s Custom Images

Download Zoom Background

To download these images, right click on your favorite image and click 'Save As' to save to your desired file path on your computer. 

To learn how to change your zoom settings and change your background, click here to navigate to the instructions on this page. 

NEW! Bernie in a Mid-Century Jetson's Dream

Bernie In a Mid-Century Jetson's Dream

A Mid-Century Jetson's Dream

Beach House Oasis

In Your Dreams Beach House

Dream House Mood Boards

HomePOp Furniture

August Rush

Autumnal Respite

Artwork for My Medieval Castle

How to Setup a Custom Zoom Background


Make sure you have downloaded the Zoom app and have successfully signed in. 


Click your profile picture and click ‘Settings’.

Zoom Settings


Click on 'Background & Files'.

Zoom Background & Files


Click on the + icon and click ‘Add Image’.

Zoom Background Add Image

Step 5

Locate your preferred image and click ‘Open’.

Step 6 

Click ‘x’ to exit from the Settings menu. Though there is no confirmation prompt to confirm that change has been applied, you are now ready to show off your unique HomePop interiors!

About the Artist: Ricky Xie

Who are your biggest sources of inspiration?

Ricky Xie Graphic Designer

I would say it's mostly people like Hayao Miyazaki, Eyvind Earle, Syd Mead, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Gunpei Yokoi, just to name a few. I tend to gravitate more towards the visionaries, pioneers, and inventors. I find it inspiring and hope to follow in their footsteps. I think one of the biggest things that sets artists apart is their originality in Intellectual Property (IP).

What excites you about being an artist?

Just seeing awesome art online is enough to excite me, really. Anything from 2D art, 3D art, concept design, animation, architecture, product design, interior design, car design, the list goes on and on. Art is just a very broad field, and it's constantly evolving with new tools and software. I've always loved the idea of brainstorming, world-building, and storytelling in general. Seeing the art of Avatar/Star Wars/Blade Runner/Lord of the Rings, as well as certain video games, was really what got me into concept art to begin with. Studio Ghibli films are also one of my biggest inspirations that helped piqued my interest in art. Also the fact that there's so many different career possibilities is what excites me. You could work remotely on your laptop, or at the studio. You could teach, invent, conceptualize, art direct, & design.  

Is there a specific point of view that you have about art?

I do believe that there is a bit of a science to art, as well as certain mathematical formulas in art that appeal to our eyes and senses more than others. I love trying to find the objective in the subjective, and vice versa. Composition in art is subjective, but yet some compositions are considered much more appealing and popular than others, thanks to the "rule of thirds" and the "golden ratio." Some colors inherently seem to match much better than other colors too. I believe it's no accident that red pairs well with green, while blue pairs well with yellow and gold. The idea that symmetrical images give us different feelings than asymmetrical images is quite fascinating. Perhaps our minds are biologically wired to like certain shapes, colors, and arrangements more than others? This whole mystery and intersection of subject matters is what really intrigues me.

I also think the modern day definition of "art" should be changed. If everything can be considered art,  then nothing is art.

I do believe that with the future of AI and automation, there might be less tedious and labor-intensive jobs, and more creative jobs for people. And I think that excites me the most. Living in a world where everyone can see themselves as artists.  

Comment below and let us know if we inspired you to change your Zoom background!

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