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How to Create Your End of the World Time Capsule

2020 has been eerily Truman-like. We’re hyper-aware that the day-to-day news headlines we’re experiencing will end up in a textbook, condensed in a high-stakes chapter that a distracted 6th grader will carelessly fail. Quietly anticipating the spotlight, I’ve been mentally rehearsing how I will tell my grandkids, with cane in hand, how I fared during the pandemic: “Well-kids, the year was 2020 when toilet paper was nowhere to be found...” along with all the pandemic tropes that we experienced this year.

This year has lasted an eternity. But with COVID-19 vaccine approvals underway, there’s a glimmer of hope that this nightmare will end soon. 

Though we'd prefer to fast forward our way out of 2020, there is still a profound need to celebrate the triumph of our human spirit this year. From healthcare workers to grocery workers, there is a renewed appreciation for the people we rely on and for the fundamental impact that our actions and non-actions have on the shared tapestry of this historic storyline.

Project Overview: P A R T J O U R N A L , P A R T P H O T O D I S P L A Y Before we fast forward our way out of this year, HomePop Studios invites you to look at 2020 in hindsight and revisit the touchstone moments that celebrate the resilience of you and your family. When the world resumes back to the REAL normal, you'll be able to look back at this wallmounted time capsule and re-appreciate the people and things that helped you get through this year. You will need: YOU WILL NEED: □ A Multi Photo Frame (w. clips preferred) □ Your Favorite Pictures of 2020 □ Blank Index Cards □ Writing Utensils

Instead of jumping into writing new year’s resolutions for next year, HomePop Studios invites you and your family members to write out a card of gratitude and display it on a frame with your favorite pictures from 2020. This project will help you create your personal End of The World Time Capsule, with mementos and keepsakes that will help you look at 2020 in hindsight and appreciate the people and things that helped you get through the pandemic. 

Ready to create your End of The World Time Capsule? 
You will need: 
  • A Multi Photo Frame (preferably w. clips)
  • Your Favorite Pictures of This Year
  • Your Favorite Writing Utensils
  • Index cards

Step 1. Find a Multi Photo Frame (w. Clips)

Step 1. Find a multi photo picture frame with clips to secure your mementos and keepsakes

We recommend a multi photo frame with clips to easily display any 3-dimensional mementos you want to showcase on your End of The World Time Capsule. Mementos can include your custom-made mask, journal entries of hapless 2020 New Year’s Resolutions, or any other keepsake you’d like to display. 




Step 2. Write Away With Your Family! 

Ask your family members to join you! Have each member of your family write out their favorite moments of the year and what they’re thankful for on a blank index card. Take some time to reflect on what this year has been like for you. Write out a few notes about some of the things that you appreciate, the things that helped you get through the difficult moments, and the things that made you feel light-hearted about life. 

Step 2: Journal on Index Cards w. Family Members

The great part about this exercise is that family members that are not residing with you can also send in their own card of gratitude and be included in the family project.

And if you have little ones that can’t write, have them draw out a picture on the index card!

To help you avoid writer’s block, you can provide your family with the following questions below to help them get started recollecting this year: 


Alternative End of The World Prompts: 

  • Favorite show I binge-watched:
  • Favorite song(s)/musician(s) I listened on repeat. 
  • Favorite stay-at-home adventure: 
  • Something new I wouldn’t have tried:
  • Pesky chore I finally got accomplished: 
  • Secret talent discovered:
  • Favorite pastime:

Step 3. Choose Your Favorite Photos & Print

Step 3: Now pick out your favorite photos & print!

Now with your index cards in hand, determine how many spaces you have left on your multi photo frame for photos. Look through your pictures and select your favorite photos to print out. 

As you look back through your photos, you might notice your pets dominating your photo gallery. That is perfect and on-theme for this year!

Step 4. Frame the Index Cards & Photos

Affix your index cards, photos, and other memorabilia you'd like to include in your End of The World Time Capsule and mount it on the wall to proudly display. Memorabilia can include your custom-made mask, a ridiculously long grocery list, or other keepsakes you encountered or made this year. 

Step 4: Now Frame & Display

Now step back and celebrate yourself and your family for the growth experienced this year. Imbued with wisdom (and true survivor skills!), this wall-mounted reflection piece will help you remember the awkward social distancing moments, unique moments of self-discovery, and embrace the indelible strength gained amidst the hardships. When the world resumes back to a REAL normal, you’ll be able to look back at the idiosyncrasies of this year and remember your favorite touchstone moments of 2020. 

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