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A ‘Pop’ of HomePop Goes A Cozy Way In AirBNBs

Designer Spotlight: Christine Xie

How do you personalize Airbnbs to make them feel cozier? To inspire you to create a cozy space, we're shining the spotlight on Designer and Entrepreneur Christine Xie this week. Christine is an Airbnb and rental home designer who creates welcoming spaces for her guests. A 5-star Airbnb hostess herself, she frequently adds ‘pops’ of HomePop for that easy, comfy feeling that cossets guests into their temporary homes away from home. 

If you love to follow entrepreneurs in the real estate industry designing livable, transitional spaces that anyone can create, follow Christine on Instagram @christine.lvfinedesign. 

Q&A with Christine Xie  

1) What elements define your specific design style? 

My clients’ requests, market needs, current design trends, as well as the location of the house inform the elements I use for my design inspiration. I consider myself a diversified designer. For example, I have some design projects in Yucca Valley, CA where I drew inspiration from Boho interior design to fit the market for Joshua Tree National Park. I’m currently working on renovating a house in Henderson, Nevada. When I walked into the house I noticed the unique backyard space already had the elements for a modern farmhouse design and thus chose to incorporate that theme throughout the home. Another recently finished project I worked on was a house for an Airbnb in Las Vegas. Airbnb’s In Las Vegas are very competitive because customers visit from all over the world and have many options in such a diverse city. Working with the requests of my clients and incorporating my existent knowledge on customer preferences for Airbnbs, led me to a design that incorporates glam elements mixing and matching white and gold accent colors. One of the very first guests commented on their review that they would compare this home’s interior design to that of a magazine’s model home and it’s currently a top-ranking property in that Airbnb market. 

Check out Christine's very own Airbnb!

View On Airbnb❤ Clean 5BR/3BA Dream Home Heated Pool Las Vegas

2) What are some of your biggest inspirations?

Anything can inspire me. I don’t limit myself to a set of standards when it comes to interior design. I always prepare myself for changes and challenges by updating and educating myself with current market needs, learning from other designers by connecting and working with them, and expanding my network and resources in the interior design industry.

3) Do you consider aestheticism or functionality to be more important in the spaces you design? Why? Did you ever have to compromise one for the other?

Ideally, I would keep both aestheticism and functionality for my designs. If I had to pick one, however, I would go with functionality first as it’s the moneymaker when it comes to putting my clients’ needs and interests first. The designs I do are mostly for Airbnbs and rental homes. I have learned to balance form with function in my designs to maximize the profits my clients make.

As designers, I think we tend to aspire towards aestheticism. But in reality, I do need to keep a good balance between both form and function but I usually find a good compromise with HomePop pieces. 

4) What stuck out to you about the HomePop furniture pieces you used in your ORC design and why? 

HomePop furniture is stylish, price-friendly, and meets the needs of my clients. Some of the pieces I often use are benches, ottomans, accent chairs, and dining chairs. Homepop has a multitude of styles that match my many design styles. And the products are always functional which lets my clients fully optimize and enjoy their spaces. 

5) How did you gain your following in IG and what do you want people most recognize about you as a designer? 

I didn’t do anything intentionally to gain others to follow me in IG. However, when it comes to my design work, I do take it seriously and work on every project with all my heart and soul, regardless of how big or small the project may be. As a designer, I want the work I create to be solid, long-lasting, purposeful, and most importantly, meet the needs of my clients from all walks of life. Making clients happy with quality work is my all-time goal. 



Did Christine inspire your to take into consideration your home's location to inform your interior design? Leave a comment below!

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