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A Moody She Shed Fit For A Queen

Welcome to our HomePop Designer Spotlight series! HomePop has embarked on a interior design journey, unearthing unique interior DNA’s via this Fall’s One Room Challenge reveals. Last week, we explored colorful and joyful spaces with designer Natalie Papier.  This week, we’re shining the spotlight on Ursula Carmona who loves a sultrier, moodier color palette. 

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Designer Spotlight: Ursula Carmona

If you’re catching a slight craze towards the trending Dark Academia aesthetic or love sultry and chic interiors, you're in for a treat! This week, we're interviewing Ursula Carmona (@homemadebycarmona) whose exploration of a darker color palette opens up elegant and chic interior possibilities. 

What elements define your specific design style?

I am a lover of rich moody tones, and you can always count on a pop of brass or gold somewhere in the space. My style is a bit traditional, but with a glam flair, and I love the idea of adding just a touch of something eclectic or a piece with history and character to it.  

What are some of your biggest inspirations?

With an artistic eye, so many things can lend itself to inspiration! Nature's organic beauty, pairing earth tones with pops of rich color. Buildings with historic architecture, showcasing ornate beauty in attention to details. How I feel when I sit and drink a cup of warm herbal tea on a cool day... The smallest things can inspire how you want a room to look, to feel, to function.

Do you consider aestheticism or functionality to be more important in the spaces you design? Why?

Did you ever have to compromise one for the other? I don't believe you have to sacrifice function for style, or vice versa. As a matter of fact, I've set out to prove that in many of my more unique projects. A potting shed that looks like a garden house, a garage that looks as good as an interior, a greenhouse as cute as it is helpful, closets that pack a punch both aesthetically and organizationally. As a mom of three who wants our spaces to inspire and direct a positive lifestyle, I believe functionality should be as important in the consideration of a space as the decoration.

What stuck out to you about the HomePop furniture pieces you used in your ORC design and why?

Sherpa Accent Chairs in Greenhouse

HomePop's Sherpa accent chairs immediately grabbed my attention for their style, but I hung around for their cozy comfort! When I snuggle down in a chair, I want it to be an experience! And of course, that sexy black velvet bench and gold accent table brought that stellar style and pop of gold I love so much. 

How did you gain your following in IG and what do you want people most recognize about you as a designer?

I can only share what I do, what I love, and how I did it. Those people who love similar things, and want to know the how-to behind each design and DIY, well we find each other! We're a community, and I hope to always uplift, educate, and inspire. I think once people get to know me, they understand that I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. If I can create something beautiful without spending an arm and a leg, I'll dive in and DIY it myself. And I hope people understand that it's not just about creating beautiful spaces, it's about creating a way of life. 

Follow Ursula Carmona @homemadebycarmona for more design & DIY inspiration. 


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