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7 Swiss Army Use Cases for a Faux Leather Bench

Do you know all the possible use-cases of a decorative bench? A stylish bench is a must-have furniture piece that lets you seat extra guests and even store away clutter. But the right decorative bench can also have lesser-known but creative use-cases that can elevate the comfort of a home. HomePop’s Brown Faux Leather Bench is one of those multi-functional furniture pieces whose stylish design allows it to adapt to different use cases. If you’re looking to accentuate the comfort of your home, here is our definitive list of conventional and unconventional ways to utilize a decorative bench with a versatile form factor.

1. A Welcoming First Impression - Use a Decorative Bench as an Entryway Bench

One of the most common use-cases for a decorative bench is as an entryway bench. A must-have furniture piece, an entryway bench can create a welcoming first impression to your home. If your home lacks a dedicated mudroom, adding an entryway bench to a hallway provides an intentional space to sit and remove shoes, or sort through belongings that are carried into a home before it becomes clutter. 

Interior Designer @Christine.LvFineDesign created a serene entryway with HomePop's faux leather bench. With such a welcoming entryway, guests might not be leaving anytime soon!

Faux Leather Bench - Entryway Bench - Metal Faux Leather Bench

2. Step Up the Comfort of Your Bed - Accessorize Your Bed With an End of Bed Bench 

The scale of the modern-day master bedroom gives users the freedom to include more accent furniture pieces to accommodate additional relaxing activities. Adding a bench at the end of a bed in a roomier bedroom creates an impromptu seating area. They can add functionality to a bedroom that has a minimal aesthetic.

Oh la la! @Michellaseelye created such a serene sanctuary. Just rest your eyes on this gorgeous bedroom inspo! 

Interior Designer @Christine.LvFineDesign proves that there is nothing that our cognac-leather bench does not match with!

Faux Leather Metal Bench

But just because a bench is classified as a ‘decorative bench’, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it lacks storing capabilities. Decorative benches can also function as storage benches when paired with wicker baskets or other alternative storage compartments. A decorative bench can have untapped storing capabilities with a little creativity. 

Check out how @FrancandEli styled HomePop’s Faux Leather Bench with baskets for extra storage. What a great organic touch!

Faux Leather Bench, Decorative Bench with Wicker Baskets

3. Spice Up Your Dining Table With a Decorative Bench 

A less common use-case for a decorative bench is a dining room bench. If you love the look, rectangular dining tables can accommodate up to two benches in lieu of dining chairs. Decorative benches, or storage benches for that matter, can sneak in more seating in a dining room without adding visual clutter.

Check out how @TheKatchetLife used the larger counterpart of HomePop's Faux Leather bench as a chic dining table bench. 

Particularly useful in small spaces like apartments, benches can remain stealthily hidden underneath a table when not in use. Adding a decorative bench or storage bench can quickly transform a dining set into an eclectic one.

Check out Victoria's page for more farmhouse inspiration @ourgrowingstorey

4. Instantly Create a Breakfast Nook With a Decorative Bench 

If you love the idea of transforming a corner in your kitchen into a breakfast nook but don’t love the idea of committing to a custom built-in, consider using a decorative bench instead! The right decorative bench can create a cozy dining corner and it’s a semi-permanent solution that can give you the freedom to swap out for a different style in the future. 

With the right decorative bench, you can instantly transform an awkward dining corner into a breakfast nook. Check out how @CherishedBliss styled our Metal Bench with Button Tufting in Distressed Brown Faux Leather! 

Faux Leather Bench - Decorative Metal Bench

5. Soak in the Sunrays with Window Seating 

Benches perched against a window can elegantly provide seating for extra guests. In a game room, it’s an especially visually impactful way to resolve the need for additional seating. Reconsider if you’re utilizing the windows in your home to their fullest potential.

Interior Designer @Christine.LvFineDesign maximizes seating with these versatile faux leather benches. 

Faux Leather Metal Bench - Faux Leather Bench

6. A Decorative Bench Can Be a Coffee Table Bench in Disguise 

Paired with a decorative serving tray, a decorative bench can function as a convenient coffee table. Because decorative benches boast a minimal design, they help avoid overwhelming a space. HomePop’s Large Bench with Button Tufting in Distressed Brown Faux Leather is the perfect incognito coffee table. Plus, decorative benches tend to be lightweight and make it easy to shift around as needed. 

Check out Jen's styling of HomePop's large faux leather bench. Follow her on Instagram @RamblingReno for colonial-inspired decoration. 

7. An Extra Long Footrest for a Couch Seating Several People 

A decorative bench can also function as an elongated ottoman. If your living room has a sofa without reclining capabilities, adding a lightweight decorative bench will let you and your family sit back and kick their feet up while watching television. This clever solution removes the need to upgrade your sofa.  


Having a decorative bench in a home is like having a swiss army knife in furniture form. Not only will you be able to accommodate extra guests, but the must-have furniture piece can function as a crafty replacement for other types of accent furniture like dining chairs, coffee tables, and even foot rests in a living room. We hope we inspired you to rethink the utility of a decorative bench. More than just for decorative purposes, they can serve some crafty functions that help elevate the comfort of a home. 





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