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5 Interior Design Quotes to Stay Sane Amidst Inspiration Overload

Do you binge-watch HGTV shows? Or tour model homes just to appreciate (or even critique) the interior staging? If your heart flutters when you encounter well-designed rooms, chances are, you're probably thinking about the design elements that you can incorporate into your own home. And though designing for your own home can quickly become overwhelming with inspiration overload, we've accrued the best quotes to help keep you steadfast to design principles that will highlight YOUR style in YOUR terms. 

1. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Before you tackle an interior design project, regardless of the interior style (or styles) you decide to pursue, it's best to start with the fresh canvas of a decluttered space. Marie Kondos' signature decluttering method though trendy, can also be exhaustive and unrealistic with busy schedules. Instead, try tackling one hot spot a day. After all, that's how you eat an bite at a time!   

2. Take Stock of the Utility of Your Current Furniture

Is your home furnished to optimally serve you or is it furnished to suit a past version of yourself? Along with decluttering, you might also have to make the difficult decision of parting with a furniture pieces that you have had since adolescence. If it can't be repurposed or upcycled, it might be time to sell it or donate it so that it can serve its purpose with someone that is at a stage in their lives where they can fully utilize it. 

3.  Keep Steadfast to the

Your home is akin to a "womb" wherein you get to replenish & nourish your highest self to unleash your creativity when you venture out into the world. Why sacrifice your comfort with a couch that won't let you sit comfortably?! Or do you have window treatments that aren't doing their due diligence when the sun starts to peek through in the morning? Increasing the efficiency of your space to yield optimal levels of inspiration & relaxation is a key principle to keep in mind when designing your space. 

4. Stay True to Your Style & Comfort
With so many tempting design trends that we see on the media, remember that ultimately, you are designing for you and the comfort of your family. Be intentional about curating décor that speaks to you, your values, and interests. Your home is that environment where you get to unapologetically dictate an atmosphere that appeals to your uniqueness! Take the decorating freedoms you need to make you happy!

5. Your Efforts Will Pay Off

Whether you're in the middle of a chaotic remodeling mess, or were overambitious with decluttering, it's easy to loose motivation. But take a step back and remember, that at the heart of improving your space, is the desire to have your space support you and your family. Enjoy the future amidst the chaos and think about how your children will enjoy that revamped living space, even if you're in the middle of the "it gets worse before it gets better stage". 

Interior Design Quote - Winston Churchill

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